Our products are not to be used for consumption. Do not eat or ingest our candles. 


Wick Care:

Use scissors or wick trimmers to cut the wick 1/4" before every burn. Because my candles have wood wicks, they will crackle when burning. 


SKU: SC11J400
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  • Scent Blend: Juniper Breeze

    Overview: This scent is a powdery, misty, floral blend that we at Sonho Celeste have fallen in love with!  We love it so much that we decided to create this cute bundle! 

    Included: One 5oz candle and 2oz wax melt.

    Our 5oz candles and wax melts are made with organic beeswax. Each candle and wax melt is hand-poured. Our candles and wax melts are safe for the environment as well as children of all ages.

    Candle Burn Time: 60  Hours

    Wax Melt Burn Time: 8 Hours