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What to expect from Sonho celeste

Hello! Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far and I hope everyone is staying safe. If you live in California, I know it's extremely hot so please make sure to drink your water!

If you've been a customer with my brand then you know that I started out by making candles for mental illness. While that is still my mission, I have decided to expand my brand by adding skincare as well as downsizing my candle collection. With just four more months left in the year, I plan on releasing two more skincare products as well as launching holiday scents for the autumn and winter season. If you remember, my brand started with twenty scents and three collections. While I wanted to be inclusive and reach a wider audience, I realized that that wasn't the best idea as I had far too many scents that were not selling. Now I know what you're thinking, certain scents attract certain people. That's true. And with a variety, I did think that I would have the ability to sell everything. But if there is one thing I learned, it's that popular scents are always the way to go. Popular floral scents that I will be bringing back will definitely be rose, jasmine, and lavender. I will also have two woodsy scented candles, an airy scent, and a fruity citrus blend. With that in mind, I do want to add seasonal scents as well. So by the end of 2021, I am hoping to add my floral scented candles and two seasonal scents.

As far as skincare, I am pleased with the outcome of my Cuticle Cream. But you are probably wondering why I have decided to launch cuticle cream and how that goes along with skincare. Well for one, if you are someone who constantly works with your hands then I'm sure its annoying seeing your cuticles that look worn and damaged from harsh products or even chemicals. And I'm sure your nail tech is probably scolding you about the lack of care for your cuticles during every nail appointment. But did you know that dry, cracked, and damaged cuticles create an opening for bacteria and fungi? That's not good! The purpose of cuticle cream is to protect your skin and nails as well as create a protective barrier so that your cuticles can stay hydrated and moisturized. It also improves the chances that your nails won't be infected by any bacteria. And what better way to protect your cuticles than with simple organic ingredients?

I have so many things planned for my brand and I just can't wait to show you guys!

As always, be safe! Drink water! Take your vitamins!

Small Business Shout-Out Based: California/USA

YoSoyFinesse Based: California/USA

Venusian Beauty Co. Based Canada

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