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How are you all liking the new website? While I loved the old website, I felt it was time to change a few things. Like always, I am constantly evolving into who it is that I want to be and I believe it is only right for my brand to evolve and grow as well. What started as a simple candle brand has now turned into a brand that promotes a positive lifestyle through mental clarity and stability. With the addition of skincare of course.

As you all know, beeswax is the healthiest alternative to all other waxes. This includes soy and coconut or any combination with palm or hemp. While plant based wax is healthier than paraffin or gel wax, it is still harmful to the planet due to the fact that it comes from plants therefore harming our forests. However, beeswax is not harmful during the harvest at all. Since beeswax comes directly from beehives, the left over product from when bees create honey, this makes it the best option. In addition to being eco friendly, it has so much more to offer than improving air quality and removing toxins.

Did you know that beeswax is also good for your skin? When beeswax is applied to skincare products, it creates a protective layer on the skin. This also helps your skin stay soft and hydrated. When I decided to add skincare products to my brand, I began doing a little research and learned a few things that simply blew my mind. Beeswax is perfect for chapped lips, eczema, acne, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, sensitive skin, and your hair! Who knew!

With all of this knowledge, and being someone who had dry skin, I wanted to make products that are all natural with simple ingredients. I have so many ideas for new products that I can't wait to try test out and present to you guys!

As always, stay safe, drink water, and have an amazing day, afternoon, or evening!

Skincare products available now

Cuticle Cream Shop Now!

Small Businesses that sell all natural skincare products:

Healing Body Skin Florida, USA

Honorable Mention:

Anime inspired cosmetics

HiddenLashVillage California, USA

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