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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening!

It is the final month of fall and I felt it was about time I gave you guys at least one blog for the month. I know we've all been busy in preparations for the holidays. With thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas just a few weeks away, I guess my question is....what are you most thankful for? It can be something as small as paying off a bill or something as big as landing your dream career. Or, it could be as simple as being surrounded by people who support you. Are you thankful for your friends? Are you thankful for your family? Or are you grateful for making it through another hectic year?

There are so many things that I am thankful for. Not only is my brand growing day by day but I'm thankful for having such supportive friends and ambassadors who continue to cheer me on. With that being said, there have been times when I felt completely overwhelmed both creatively and mentally. Thinking of scent names that aren't too cheesy. Trying to find a scent that is going to smell just right. And with this being my first seasonal candle I was so nervous that it wasn't going to come out as planned. Finding supplies and product have been so difficult with the shortage and cargo ships not able to dock in the harbor, I was a little scared.

I want to launch two scents for the holiday season, Sweet Gingerbread and Glazed Chestnut. If you are signed up with my email newsletter, then you already know that my Sweet Gingerbread candle is launching on November 13th. Next month, I will launch my Glazed Chestnut candle just in time for Christmas. If you haven't signed up, then go to my website and scroll to the bottom and sign up! You'll receive notifications via email about sales, new products, and even coupons!

As always, drink water, take your vitamins, and take time for yourself to recharge.

Sweet Gingerbread: Launches November 13th

Glazed Chestnut: TBD

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