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back to basics

Hello, and welcome to 2022!

Last year was rough and I did a little bit of adjusting. I was able to land my dream job as an interior designer as well as test myself creatively.

If you remember, I wanted to expand and include organic skincare products hat incorporated the moisturizing and healing properties of all-natural beeswax. I was able to launch scented bath salts and a cuticle cream which I am very proud of. But unfortunately, with accepting my role as a designer, I had to think realistically. It's not to say that my job is demanding in any way but it does take a large sum of my time. So because of this, I sold the last of my skincare items around Christmas of last year.

That is why, for the year of 2022, I am going back to basics which is creating candles. If you remember back in 2020, I started out with twenty scents. I wanted to keep all twenty scents but at this moment, I do not think I can do so. I don't want to just create products for the sake of it. I want to create great candles that are consistent across the board. And unfortunately, that is not possible at this time. But that doesn't mean that I haven't been hard at work creating new scents for my brand.

For now, I want to create a total of eight or ten 11oz candles for the year. Out of those eight or ten, which ever scents become popular, I would like to make them into 8oz and even 5oz. I would also like to make a few scents that are exclusively 8oz or 5oz. Of course, this doesn't include any seasonal scents. But sometime soon, I would love to release a signature scent for my brand. Something unique that reflects Sonho Celeste. So far, I have a total of six that I have been able to finalize.

As always, drink your water, take your vitamins, and be safe!

Egyptian Rose: 02/09/2022

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